A Present Affair has arrived!

 A Present Affair is open!present-affair-is-now-open-for-business

 So the day has finally arrived.Over the past 12 months I began to wonder if it would ever happen?

Without a doubt this has been a long and tough year! I won’t lie to you it has been filled with many tears of frustration along with tears of laughter. I wanted to give up on countless occasions but the passion and belief I have for the company kept me going. Ok glasses of wine and episodes of The Real Housewives may have helped, ok ok and a family bag of Revels! Right I have shared with you my secrets of how I get through the tough times now we can talk about the good times…

I always thought I had the best job in the world.I worked with lots of different pop bands and travelled to the most amazing places,but deep down I knew there was something else I needed to do. Why didn’t I start earlier friends ask all the time but the simple answer was fear. Would people like the products that I thought were gorgeous,how would I do it whilst looking after my family ? Well I guess there is no right time and sometimes you have to just close your eyes and leap.So that’s what I did and 12 months later here we are.


Why the gift boxes?

I have friends and family scattered far and wide and I am always looking for different gifts to send that don’t cost a fortune, are  cool enough for a teenager and elegant enough for a grandmother not forgetting the men in the family that are really hard to buy for!

I put my love of shopping and finding new treasures into creating the perfect gift box all wrapped up ready to be delivered and they can fit through the letterbox. I don’t know about you but I hate finding a little card on my mat to say I have missed a parcel delivery not least because the parking at my post office drives me insane! I have been lucky enough to find the most amazing products right here at home along with really cool brands from across the pond and every one of my suppliers have been so encouraging and supportive I couldn’t have done this without them. Not to mention my patient husband who no longer gets a cheeky email whilst on tour in some far flung country but a link asking to please find this brand of hand cream and bring me a sample….this is your future he tells the younger roadies who are still receiving far more exciting pictures!!


During this whole process I have met some wonderful inspirational women who all had a dream and followed their hearts to create a life they longed for.Over the coming months I will be sharing their stories I know you will love reading.My blogs will be about many different topics and I truly hope you join me.


Happy gifting!